BPS INC. was incorporated in Ohio in 1986. From its inception in the corner of a small rented warehouse, BPS has grown its quantity of product offerings from 3 to over 1000 parts and supplies for the commercial foodservice industry. In 1986 BPS had one small local customer. Today BPS boasts over 10,000 customers worldwide.  Additionally, BPS is an original equipment manufacturer specializing in manufacturing and distributing automatic broilers.
BPS’s manufacturing facility is located in Cleveland, Ohio. Each and every product produced passes a strict quality checklist. Today, all around the world restaurants use BPS products in such establishments as fast food, casual dining, fast casual, institutions, amusement parks, schools and military bases. BPS is committed to developing and building new and better ways to prepare and cook foods, while focusing on such key initiatives as speed of service, energy conservation, food safety, consistency and ease of use.