2X HEAVY DUTY Liner for Home Ovens BPS# SSBL162335


SSBL231635 Salamander Skin 2X Heavy Duty Non-Stick Liner for Home Ovens (for Hi-Temp applications)

It’s 2X because we guarantee TWICE the usable life over most oven liner products.

For use in:  Most Major Radiant and Convection Oven Brands

23″ x 16″ (1 Liner)

3 Month Warranty

*This product, as with any oven liner product, is not be be used near oven coils or be exposed to flame.

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We call it the 2X because this liner is unlike other oven liners because it’s twice the thickness of all other oven liner brands and lasts TWICE as long. It’s why the professionals in commercial restaurants use the 2X oven liner from BPS. Never, ever scrub the floor of your oven again. Throw away those abrasives and chemical cleaners – you won’t need them any longer. Salamander Skin® heavy duty surface oven liners protect oven floors from grease and grime build-up and clean easily with a damp cloth.

Built for the rigors of commercial ovens, HEAVY DUTY oven liner is two times thicker than other oven liner products. The “high tech flouropolymer (PTFE)” non-stick surface makes oven clean-up a breeze with a soft cloth and mild detergent.

BPS non-stick oven liners can be trimmed to fit almost oven models. Spend less time cleaning oven and more time enjoying your delicious dishes. Have a toaster oven at home? – Salamander Skin liners are ideal for home use and will keep your toaster oven or counter oven drip tray free from burnt-on build-up and grime. A single Salmamander Skin commercial grade oven liner provides up to six months of non-stick performance.



PTFE is a high molecular weight polymer, one of the most versatile plastic materials known and useful for a large range of product applications.  This polymer enjoys a unique set of properties and characteristics that stand alone when compared to other materials.


  • High Heat Resistance
  • High Resistance to Chemical Agents/Solvents
  • High Anti-adhesiveness
  • High Dielectric Properties
  • Low Friction Coefficient
  • Non-Toxicity

PTFE is generally considered a thermoplastic polymer.  At 550 degrees Fahrenheit it maintains a very high anti adhesive properties, non-toxicity and low friction coefficient thus making PTFE an ideal solution for a variety of commercial and industrial applications.


  • Clean daily with a damp cloth (H2O only)
  • Never apply solvents or chemicals to clean your release sheet
  • Periodically reverse the release sheet – both sides are PTFE coated (exception: Salamander Skin dual surface silicone/PTFE liners)
  • Never scrape or use use hard-edged implement on your release sheet
  • Never use abrasive cleaning materials
  • Discard your release sheet when non-stick surface begins to show wear or sheet edges begin to discolor or corrode

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