Nieco/BPS Broiler Release Sheets (10 pack) BPS# SB3310-10


Nieco Broiler 800/600

BPS Broiler 7400/7600

PTFE Sheet Black & Silver

30″ x 11.375″  

SB3310-3 (3-sheet package)

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When your business is on the line, you can’t afford slowdowns on your grill line, so choose the tough, reliable BPS non-stick release sheet for your Neico or BPS broiler. The BPS Triple-coated flouropolymer process insures long lasting non-stick performance – up to 30% longer than most release sheet products.

Non-stick flouropolymer release sheets are also available for Vulcan Clamshell Grills, Garland Xpress GrillsElectrolux Clamshell Grills and Taylor Clamshell Grills.

Non-Stick Release Sheet Info

Non-stick release sheets are important to the operation of your Vulcan clamshell grill and the flow of your kitchen operation.  BPS Triple-Coated non-stick flouropolymer coating insures a release sheet that keeps your grill producing a perfect product longer than other non-stick sheets. Keep your grill line running longer and smarter with BPS non-stick release sheets.

Never run short of non-stick release sheets for your broiler with the BPS Non-Stick Subscription plan (NSS), a commitment free way to insure you will have non-stick release sheets when you need them.  Here’s how the NSS works:


  • Define your shipment cycle for 10-sheet packs:  You choose the frequency and time table of your automatic 10-sheet deliveries
  • Accelerate, Skip, Cancel or Delay shipments anytime:  You are in total control of product releases.  Plus, we’ll send you an email notice prior to your product shipment.
  • Stop the NSS program anytime without obligation: NSS is risk free
  • Call 800-272-8546 to set-up your personalized NSS plan NOW.

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