PTFE Non-Stick Oven Basket 11″ x 13″ BPS# SNS131155


FOR:  All Commercial High Speed Convection/Microwave Ovens including Turbo Chef, Merry Chef, Amana and MenuMaster

QTY 1   13″ x 11.5″  Black

Used in SUBWAY Franchise Operations 

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BPS PTFE Non-Stick Oven Basket for High Speed Convection & Microwave Ovens

This reusable non-stick basket is great for carrying and holding food items while cooking in most commercial high speed convection/microwave ovens including Turbo Chef, Merry Chef and Amana AXP/MXP ovens. The basket’s open mesh construction allows for even heat distribution around foods items resulting in more completely cooked and browned cooked products

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Weight 12 lbs


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